Name: Comos Shipping Co.
Location: Nizhny Novgorod*
*Heart of Russia
*Crossroad of transport corridors
 East -West, North - South
*Great Russian river route -
*Capital of Volga region
*Industrial Center
*Port of 5 seas
About Us
Core Activities
... Full range of global inter-modal transportation  and logistic services:
- chartering sea / river tonnage
- railway transportation
- container carriage
- trucking
- global forwarding
- agency
- carriage of heavy project cargoes and equipment
- representation of clients interests in business, of ship owners / charterers etc.
- insurance
- custom clearance
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VYKSA Project
Nizhny Novgorod site
Company Profile
... COMOS is deeply involved in shipping - forwarding - multimodal business, provides its customers with any kind of services required of transport industry, based on continuous and excellent links with owners, importers/exporters worldwide. With over 12 years of experience in shipping/forwarding the company established very good and reliable  relationships with Russian port authorities, stevedores, importers / exporters, etc. according to requirements of custom regulation, we arrange smooth and perfect conditions for Your business.
Comos is a member of Freight Forwarders Association of Russian Federation, FIATA ...
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Our Staff
The experienced professionals, graduates  from Volga State Academy of Marine Transport, are ready to serve various  business needs of  our customers in logistic solutions.
- Provide consultations on all aspects of cargo transportation and help to draw up all necessary documents.
- Offer routes and terms of transportation, calculate through tariff rates from the points of departure to the point of destination, irrespective of the means of transport which are used during delivery.
- Provide own trucks for the container transportation
- Provide information about the location of cargo while en route.
- Efficiently solve all other problems related to the process of transportation.
Major Advantages
 - Fast and highly qualified services
- Best price / quality ratio  of services
- Prompt, reliable, trustworthy services based on goodwill
- Prompt reaction to prevent loss or damage to vessel /cargo / business
- Corporate philosophy  with protection of clients interests as the first priority
- On-line tracking cargo, modern technologies
Facts & Figures
- “Comos Shipping Co.”   is established as Russian- British Joint Stock Company.
- Core activity: a Sea - River shipping broker.
- The the first 30 “Volga” cars  are transported from “Gorkiy Automobile Plant” to Kazakhstan.
- For The first time company offers multi-modal transportation services - rail - sea port - sea freight of general cargo as a forwarder.
- The first shipment of newsprint paper as general forwarder for water transportation of “JS Volga ”Balakhna Paper Mill”.
- “TriniCom” is establish as a subsidiary of  Comos
- Core business: a forwarder with transportation in container, railway operator.
- The first three “FreightLiner” specialized heavy trucks are purchased for Door-to-door Container Delivery services.
At Present
...Transportation of Russian export / import goods
- newsprint in reels
- sawn-timber
- plywood
- fertilizers
- steel products
- equipment
- containers
- project cargoes
... Russia, CIS, Baltic, Europe, Caspian, Azov, Black Sea, Adriatic, Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Far / Mid East, USA, Canada ...
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